wireless Driveway Monitor Can be used to alert you to visitors, customers, intruders entering your property or store! We carry systems designed for use in driveways, door ways or even as perimeter alarms.

Choose from systems which detect people and vehicles or only vehicles!

sensaphone temperature monitorThese environmental monitoring units and controls can be used to monitor for temperature alarms, power outages, humidity alarms etc.

We have models suitable for use in residential homes, vacation homes, server rooms, industrial applications.

Surveillance SystemWe carry all in one surveillance systems which can be mounted and left alone covertly recording on their internal memory cards.

Or choose one of our multiple channel CCTV systems with their own DVR with built in hard drive, video outputs etc.

water sensorsUse our home water leak sensors to protect your home from damage caused by water leaks. Use our water appliance specific leak sensors with shut off valves or our total home water leak sensor systems to give you peace of mind!

We carry multiple commercial grade door switches and monitors. From simple chimes, to full wireless systems with pager receivers.Commercial Door Switch

Wireless Intercom SystemsWireless intercoms systems ranging from 1000 foot wireless ranges to up to 4 miles! We also carry wireless doorbell units with intercoms built in and intercoms which have the ability to have alarm units added to the system.

Monitoring Products can be used for

Household Security -

Use any of our monitoring systems with existing security panels. Driveway monitors can activate lights, sirens etc. They can also be used to turn on lights as vehicles enter the property.

Vacation Home Monitoring -

Use our Freeze Alarms or Sensaphone Cottage Sitter units to help protect your cottage or vacation home from expensive freeze damage. They will call you when the temperature drops to a dangerous level and even allow you to turn up the temperature over the phone while you are headed to the cottage.

Greenhouse Operations -

Temperature, humidity and power monitors can help protect your greenhouse or garden center from expensive losses. Call in and check the real time status of all environmental conditions at any time and be alerted whenever a condition goes into alarm.

Home Automation -

Use these monitoring units to control your homes temperature, lighting etc. They will call you to alert you when any alarm conditions occur as well as allow you to control devices remotely.

Yacht Alarms -

Our yacht deck sensors help protect your yacht from unwelcomed intruders. Keep the monitoring unit inside your yacht's cabin or cock pit and be notified as soon as the deck sensors sense an intruder on the boats decking.

Caregivers -

Wireless intercoms, door alarms and general monitoring units can be used to alert appropriate staff when patients leave their designated areas. The wireless intercoms can also be used to allow staff to easily communicate with one another.