Water Protection - UAD Water Alarm Dialer

UAD Water Alarm Dialer

This wireless water sensor will detect water and dial you. The water alarm dialer will call you to alert to you water leak or floods in you home or cottage.
Wireless Water Monitor Dialer Kit
This wireless water alarm dialer uses a water sensor combined with a powerful 12V wireless transmitter to dial up to six different telephone numbers to alert you, neighbors or whomever you've chosen that a water monitor is occurring!
Water Sensor and Wireless Transmitter
This water sensor with attached wireless transmitter can be used with the UAD300 water alarm dialer to notify yourself or neighbors to water leaks in your home.
Dialer for UAD Water Alarms
This dialer will work with as many of the UAT1000 wireless water sensors as you like. The dialer will dial up to 6 different phone numbers when an alarm condition is detected to alert you, a neighbor, your plumber etc. to a water leak or flood condition.