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Chamberlain Intercom System

Chamberlain Wireless Intercom Systems are great for both home and business applications. With a wireless range of 1000' the Chamberlain Portable Intercom System allows you to easily stay in contact with your family and coworkers. Chamberlain wireless intercoms systems allow you to stay mobile and are battery operated so they are completely portable and wireless units.
Chamberlain Portable Wireless Intercom
The Chamberlain Portable Wireless Intercom System keeps your entire household connected wirelessly with the push of a button! Buy more than one set of these intercoms to be able to communicate from nearly any home in your house at the same time! 
Chamberlain Wireless Outdoor Intercoms
The Chamberlain Wireless Outdoor Intercom is 100% compatible with any other Chamberlain wireless intercom and sports a feature where up to twelve other units can connect to the same channel to communicate at the same time which makes this one of the most expendable systems on the market today!
Chamberlain Wireless Doorbell Intercom System
The Chamberlain Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Doorbell Intercom is the perfect device for communicating with your guests from any room in your house and with a wireless connection for communication, there are no nasty wires involved!
Power Adapter for Chamberlain Indoor Wireless Intercoms
Use this Power Adapter with any of your Chamberlain Indoor Intercom Units so that you never have to change a battery again or use it to extend their already amazing two-year battery life!
Chamberlain Single Wireless Intercom
With the new Chamberlain Single Wireless Intercom, you'll never have a spot out of range of communication in your house again! By running through a 900 MHz digital communication interface, you'll be completely secure against outside listeners!