Driveway Monitors - Dakota2500


With a Driveway Monitor your family will always be notified of approaching visitors - before they get to your door. When someone enters your property you will be alerted with a pleasant chime and you may even have outside lights come on automatically. Use driveway and entry monitors at your office or shop as well - to be notified when customers or deliveries arrive!
Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Infrared Driveway Alarm System
The brand new Dakota Alert 2500 Duty Cycle series of Driveway Alarms have an incredible wireless range of 2500 feet! 

Dakota Alert Probe System (2500 Foot Range!)
The Dakota Alert DCPA 2500 Driveway Monitoring System uses a magnetic probe to detect vehicles entering your driveway or other entrance point.

Dakota Alert Wireless Probe Driveway Sensor
The DCPT-2500 - Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Probe Alert Sensor checks for vehicles approaching it from up to 10 feet away, will let you know if vehicles are entering your driveway and send the signal to a receiver up to 2, 500 feet away!
Dakota Alert Motion Alert System
The Dakota Alert Motion Sensor is a great way to keep unwanted guests from entering your property by sending signals to warn you of an intruder from up to 2, 500 feet away!
Dakota Alert Wireless Driveway Alarm Receiver
Use the new DCR-2500 - Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Receiver with your DCPT-2500 - Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Probe Alert Transmitter to listen for intruders up to 2, 500 feet away!
Dakota Alert Probe Transmitter Box
The Dakota Alert duty cycle probe transmitter box works with any of the Dakota Alert driveway alarm probes to insure a safe perimeter is set up around your driveway and can warn you if a vehicle breaks this perimeter.