Driveway Monitors - Dakota3000


Dakota Alert 3000 Driveway Monitors
Dakota Alert Wireless Motion Alert WMA-3000
The Dakota Alert WMA-3000 is the perfect sensor for setting up a perimeter around not only your driveway but anywhere else security is needed and is capable of warning you of an intruder (a person, vehicle or even a large animal) is near your home.
Dakota Alert Wireless Probe 3000
The WPA-3000 is one of the most subtle, accurate and multi-purpose driveway alarm systems on the market today! Your home and driveway may not be secure without it!
Dakota Alert Wireless Doorbell System
The Dakota Alert wireless doorbell chime is the perfect device to use as a doorbell, customer service button or even a panic button, the choice is up to you!
Dakota Wireless Air Hose 3000
The Dakota Alert wireless air hose 3000 is a great device for checking to see if vehicles pass over or through certain areas on your property. It is easy to set up and after that requires minimal maintenance from you.
Indoor Motion Sensor and Chime
The Dakota Alert Indoor Sensor and Chime is the perfect device for keeping a secure perimeter around your home, store or business location because of its wide range, discreteness and is low-maintenance after setup!
Dakota Alert Wireless Receiver
The Dakota Alert WR-3000 is the receiver that works with all of the other Dakota Alert 3000 transmitters. It works up to 600 ft. and plays four different chime sounds upon detection.
Dakota Alert Pager
The Dakota Alert wireless page receiver works great with any of the transmitters in the 3000 series and will notify you of an intruder anywhere in your home with this portable device. If you are always moving around, this is the device for you!
Dakota Alert Wireless Motion Alert Transmitter
The Dakota Alert WMT-3000 is the perfect transmitter for outdoor use with its weatherproof casing, subtle looking design and built-in infrared (PIR) beam.
Dakota Alert Driveway Probe with Transmitter
The Dakota Alert WPT-3000 is the perfect device for checking to see if any large vehicles have pulled into your driveway or anywhere else you wish to place the device.
Dakota Alert Indoor Motion Detector
The Dakota Alert WIR-3000 is an indoor motion detector that can monitor areas up to 100 degrees wide and 80 degrees high reducing the chances of something sneaking by to nearly zero!
Dakota Alert Wireless Air Hose Transmitter
The Dakota Alert Wireless Air Hose Transmitter 3000 is a great solution to those who would like to better protect their driveways. The transmitter comes with 25 ft. of 3/8" rubber hose attached to it to insure nothing gets by without you knowing about it.
Dakota Alert Rubber Hose
Dakota Alert's premium rubber hose comes with 25 ft. of high quality 3/8" hose for extensions or replacements on your WRH-3000 systems.
Dakota Alert Push Button Transmitter
The Dakota Alert Push Button Transmitter is an easy-to-use multipurpose device that can be used in dire situations as a panic button or even as a doorbell depending on the situation.
Birdhouse for Dakota Alert Transmitter
The Dakota Alert Birdhouse is built to disguise your transmitter into an ordinary object in your yard. This not only fools intruders into mistaking it for a birdhouse but also protects the transmitter inside.
Dakota Alert Probe Transmitter
The Dakota Alert 3000 Probe Transmitter is the perfect device to use with any of the other Dakota Alert driveway alarm probes to detect moving vehicles on your property.