Driveway Monitors

Provide security for your home or business. With a driveway monitor - your family will always be notified of visitors arriving. Driveway monitors can monitor 24 hrs a day and when someone enters your property you will be alerted with a pleasant chime. You can also use driveway and entry monitors at your office or shop to be notified when customers or deliveries arrive! Never miss a customer or courier again! A Driveway Monitoring System will provide an added security feature to your home or office. Place the receiver in any convenient location to alert you of visitors arriving, or use one of our paging systems - stay mobile and still be alerted to arriving visitors or customers! Driveway Monitors Our high quality, weatherproof, rugged sensors will give you years of reliable service. Protect your property and loved ones with a Driveway Monitor?

Need Range?
Use our MURS Alert Systems and have an amazing 4-mile wireless range!

A Driveway Monitor is an important first step in keeping your home and employees safe.

Which Driveway Monitor is right for me?

Absolute Automation is proud to offer a wide range of systems, designed to suit individual needs. We only carry the leading brands made by the most reputable manufacturers. We have tested many "budget" brands which failed to meet our expectations, because of this you may notice that many of the less expensive brands you have seen are not carried by us. Your Driveway Monitor is your first line of security, alerting you to vehicles or people entering your property. We hope the following information will assist you in determining which system suits your needs best:

** Wireless Rubber rubber air hose systems will detect vehicles driving over the hose
(similar to gas station system)
** Passive infrared Driveway Monitors will detect people, vehicles and large animals
(moving heat detection)
** Metal Sensing Probes will detect the metal in moving vehicles only
(magnetic Metal Monitoring)

The Longest Range Wireless Driveway Monitor and two-way radio system available. Uses FCC approved MURS Long-Range radio technology. Ideal for driveways, yards, remote locations and very Long-Range applications. InfraRed and Vehicle Monitoring models available.
Dakota Alert 3000 Driveway Monitors
With a Driveway Monitor your family will always be notified of approaching visitors - before they get to your door. When someone enters your property you will be alerted with a pleasant chime and you may even have outside lights come on automatically. Use driveway and entry monitors at your office or shop as well - to be notified when customers or deliveries arrive!
Optex Wireless
Optex Wireless 1000 Entry Alert is an infrared system with a 1000 foot wireless range. The Optex TD20 infrared sensor detects moving heat and sends a signal back to the Optex RC20 Receiver which than chimes alerting to you a visitor or intruder. The Optex Wireless Annunciator System will send a wireless signal 2000 feet back to the Optex RC20. The Optex RCTD-20U is the new wireless driveway sensor system.
Optex Wired PIR's
Optex Wired PIR's
Rodann wireless driveway alarm system detects people and vehicles and alerts you they have entered your driveway. Alert yourself to unexpected customers or guests! The wireless driveway sensors sends a wireless alarm signal to the driveway chime.
Winland Vehicle Alert only detects vehicles so you never get a false alarm.
Mier offers the DA500 Probe vehicle detection system and the Mier DA600 wireless entry alert system.
Sure Action Inc
This driveway alarm system uses a magnetic probe to detect vehicles driving by it. The magnetic probe is buried beside the laneway and detects moving cars or other vehicles as they drive past it. An alarm is than sent to the controller which chimes or activates accessories to alert you.
Absolute Automation is proud to offer a wide range of accessories to personalize your Entry Alert system. Many of the driveway monitoring systems we carry are capable of supporting accessories such as additional sirens, lights etc. to add security and comfort to your home or business. Accessories allow you to make you driveway alarm system suit your personal and business needs. All of our systems whether they are wired or wireless, infrared sensors or magnetic probe vehicle detectors can be expanded.
STI Driveway Monitors are metal sensing driveway monitors which will ONLY detect moving vehicles. They are wireless and easy to install. Plus no burial is required unlike with other magnetic driveway alarm systems.