Temperature/Power Monitors & Autodialers - Dual Thermostats

Dual Thermostats

Dual Thermostats for Temperature Dailers and Monitors.
Aube TH115 Dual Thermostat for Baseboards
 This unit is designed for use with baseboards, convectors and fan-forced heaters. The unit operates on 240 V and requires a four wire installation. 
Aube TH141 Heat Cool Dual Thermostat - FGD0064
Applications: Oil, Gas, Propane with Air Conditioning.
1.5 A @ 24 V
R, C, W, Y, G
Aube TH135 Dual Heat Thermostat
This easy-to-use electronic thermostat saves three temperature settings and is millivolt compatible. For use with the Sensaphone or FreezeAlarm Deluxe, eliminates the need for two thermostats to operate the "setback" and "warm-up" features of the Sensaphone and Freeze Alarm Deluxe. Please note: Power Supply (500ma Adapter) is required for this unit.