Temperature/Power Monitors & Autodialers - FreezeAlarm


Freeze Alarm offers three different models to suit your specific temperature monitoring needs. The Freeze Alarm Deluxe FAD2, Freeze Alarm Intermediate FAI and Freeze Alarm Basic FAB all monitor for freezing temperatures and have a built in dialer which will call you alerting you to a potentially damaging situation.
Freeze Alarm 700

The FA-700 Freeze Alarm monitor will alert you if the temperature falls below 45°F or 7°C or if the temperature rises above 85°F (29°C).

Intermediate Freeze Alarm
The Freeze Alarm Intermediate monitors for temperature alarms and power outages and will call up to three (3) different phone numbers when an alarm occurs. Setup is quick and painless and you get to set the high and low temperature thresholds!
Deluxe Freeze Alarm
The Freeze Alarm Deluxe Temperature Monitor monitors the temperature in your home or vacation home and alerts you when the temperature falls or rises above thresholds YOU get to set!
Freeze Alarm Homesitter
The Home Monitoring System will monitor for water leaks, temperature high or low alarm conditions and power outages! When any of the alarm conditions are detected the monitor will call up to three phone numbers to alert you to any alarm condition. There is also a built in audible alarm which will alert you locally to any alarm condition which occurring.
Wireless Freeze Monitor
This Wireless Temperature Monitor and dialer system can monitor up to 10 different temperature sensors throughout your home, WIRELESSLY!