Water Protection

Whether you're looking for an appliance-specific water shut off system, or whole-home coverage, our Water Detection and Shut Off Systems will help to prevent costly damage from water leaks.
Appliance Specific Protection: Never worry about leaving your dishwasher, washing machine etc. running while you are away. With our sensors and shutoffs any leak can be terminated as soon as it starts.
Total Home Protection: Place a series of sensors throughout your home, cottage or business and rest easy knowing that your property is safe and dry.
Floodstop Water Sensors and shut offs. Floodstop systems are great for preventing water damage from appliances such as washing machines, toilets, water heaters etc.
UAD Water Alarm Dialer
This wireless water sensor will detect water and dial you. The water alarm dialer will call you to alert to you water leak or floods in you home or cottage.
Water Cop Systems with water sensors transmit a signal wirelessly back to the Water Cop Control Switch if a leak or flood is detected.
Waterbug Water Sensors and alarms can be easily placed around the home discreetly to alert you to any leaks in your home. The Waterbug alarms can also be connected to dialers.
Protected Home
This water alarm from Control Products Inc and Protected Home is the model WA5001. It has a built in water sensor and siren combined with an auto dialer.