Driveway Monitors - MURS


The Longest Range Wireless Driveway Monitor and two-way radio system available. Uses FCC approved MURS Long-Range radio technology. Ideal for driveways, yards, remote locations and very Long-Range applications. InfraRed and Vehicle Monitoring models available.
MURS Driveway Monitor Base Station with Two Way Radio.
The base station can also be used to communicate with the handheld radio. This allows someone in the house or shop to be in direct contact with someone out and about in the field. This allows a parent to keep track of the kids or a supervisor to stay in touch with the employees.
Murs Infrared Sensor and Basestation Receiver Kit
Complete with Sensor/transmitter, and Base Station.
Murs Infrared Monitor and Handheld Receiver Kit
The Murs Alert Driveway Sensor System with a hand held receiver offers the best range in wireless driveway monitoring.
Murs Probe Sensor and Basestation Receiver Kit
The Murs Alert Probe and Base station Vehicle Alert System uses the Murs Alert MAP metal detection probe to notify you that a vehicle has entered a monitored area. The base station transceiver can be located in the house, office or work shop and plugged into any standard wall outlet.

Murs Probe Sensor and Handheld Receiver Kit
The Murs Alert MAPSHTKIT includes the DKMAP metal detecting probe, complete with 50' of burial wire attaching it to the transmitter box, and the M538HT portable handheld transceiver.
2-Way Wireless MURS Driveway Monitor Hand-Held Radio
A Hand-Held transceiver that can receive an alert signal from the MURS Alert MAT Infrared Sensor and the MURS Alert MAPS Vehicle Sensor transmitter(s) as well as two-way communications from other M538HT and M538BS Base Station transceivers.

MURS InfraRed Alert Driveway Monitor Transmitter
The new MURS Alert Driveway Monitor offers the ability to monitor activity at remote locations. The MURS Alert Driveway Monitor Transmitter utilizes passive infrared sensor technology that will send an alert signal to the MURS transceivers in order to notify you that someone has entered a monitored area.
MURS Magnetic Probe Vehicle Sensor
The Murs Alert Vehicle Detection Probe includes a metal detection probe with 50' of direct burial cable, attached to a long range wireless transmitter box.
Murs Chime - Works with any Driveway Alarm Receiver
The MURS Chime is a great device for giving you real time monitoring of remote locations that are several miles away! With this receiver you'll get notifications if any monitored areas have been flagged for detection.
Dakota Alert Metal Sensing Probes
The Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm Probe monitors your driveway for any moving vehicles entering it. The probe will not be set off by large animals or the wind either since it uses a magnetic sensor.
Murs Alert Probe Transmitter
The Murs Alert Transmitter Box sends wireless detection signals from the detection probes to your receiver up to 4 miles away to notify you as quickly as possible.