Intercom Systems - MURS Long Range Intercoms

MURS Long Range Intercoms

MURS Handheld and Basestation units are great for use as long range intercom and alarm systems. Use them with the MURS Alert Alarm sensors and have the perfect wireless alarm and intercom system.
MURS Long Range Wireless Intercom System M538HTBS
MURS Long Range Wireless Intercom system comes with one MURS Base station and one MURS Handheld Transceiver. Both intercom units are capable of sending voice transmissions up to four miles as well as receiving alert signals from the MURS Alert Alarm units.
2-Way Wireless MURS Driveway Monitor Hand-Held Radio
2) A Hand-Held transceiver that can receive an alert signal from the MURS Alert MAT Infrared Sensor and the MURS Alert MAPS Vehicle Sensor transmitter(s) as well as two-way communications from other M538HT and M538BS Base Station transceivers.