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Optex Wireless 1000 Entry Alert is an infrared system with a 1000 foot wireless range. The Optex TD20 infrared sensor detects moving heat and sends a signal back to the Optex RC20 Receiver which than chimes alerting to you a visitor or intruder. The Optex Wireless Annunciator System will send a wireless signal 2000 feet back to the Optex RC20. The Optex RCTD-20U is the new wireless driveway sensor system.
Optex 2000 Driveway Monitor
The Optex Driveway Sensor System features a weatherproof wireless sensor transmitter which is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
Optex Wireless Sensor
The new TD-20U Wireless Sensor from the Optex 2000 Series can help protect your home by setting up a safe perimeter around it. If it detects anything, it will let you know right away by sending a wireless signal back to one of the many compatible receivers.
Optex Wireless Chime
The Optex RC-20U Chime Receiver accepts signals from other Optex gear and notifies you with a warning tone if one of the sensors detects something.
OPTS10 Handheld Transmitter
The OPTS10 Portable Wireless Transmitter is a user-friendly multipurpose device that, after set up, can act as a doorbell or even a panic button along with everything in between!
Optex Wireless Transmitter and Door/Window Sensor
The Optex Wireless Transmitter and Door/Window Sensor is the perfect device for keeping tabs on your doors and/or windows as it is compatible with the Optex RC10 Receiver!
Optex TR10 Wireless Repeater
The Optex Wireless Repeater can extend the range between transmitters and receivers by up to 1000 ft.! With this device you'll never be unsure whether or not you are in or out of range again!
Optex Wireless Door Switch with Chime
The Optex Wireless Door Switch with Chime is a system kit that includes the devices necessary for setting up a secure perimeter around the entrances to your house.
Optex Doorbell Chime
The Optex TS-10U Wireless Transmitter can be used with other Optex products like the RC-10 receiver and wireless repeater to insure the maximum protection of the entrance to your home!