Driveway Monitors - Rodann


Rodann wireless driveway alarm system detects people and vehicles and alerts you they have entered your driveway. Alert yourself to unexpected customers or guests! The wireless driveway sensors sends a wireless alarm signal to the driveway chime.
Rodann Wireless Driveway Alarm System
If you're looking to better protect your driveway, the Rodann Wireless Driveway Alarm System is the perfect device for you! With its infrared sensor and 1000 ft. transmission range, nothing will be entering your driveway without you knowing!
Rodann Driveway Chime
The Rodann Driveway Alarm Receiver is capable of keeping track of entering customers and/or visitors for you while you are away which allows you to check if an alarm went off while you weren't there! It can also play four different chime sounds to notify you of detection in multiple areas!
Rodann Driveway Sensor
The Rodann Driveway Alarm Sensor is built to withstand the toughest of weather and deliver results! If you need to keep an extra eye on your driveway, this is the device for you!