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This driveway alarm system uses a magnetic probe to detect vehicles driving by it. The magnetic probe is buried beside the laneway and detects moving cars or other vehicles as they drive past it. An alarm is than sent to the controller which chimes or activates accessories to alert you.
Sure Action Driveway Alarm
This Sure Action Driveway Alarm can provide vehicle detection in areas that would have normally been impossible to do so in. With its portable power supply, you can bring this device with you wherever you go and always know when someone is pulling up in the driveway!
Pleasant Sounding Chime
This 12V Sure Action Pleasant Sounding Chime is the perfect addition to your home security system. By hooking it up to your pre-existing security setup, you can have the same level of safety but with an even more pleasant warning sound.
Pleasant Sounding Chime on Plate
The Sure Action Pleasant Sounding Chime on Plate with ON/OFF function could be that extra piece of hardware that gives your home security system a sense of completion with its sleek look and pleasant sound.
Sure Action Driveway Sensor
The Sure Action Inc P5050 Standard Probe is one of the most reliable detection probes on today's market! With a slow moving vehicle detector coupled with its wireless signal range, its hard to find a reason not to have one of your own!
Sure Action Directional Driveway Sensor
The Sure Action Inc P8000 Directional Probe is a device that can be used in multiple ways; from turning on lights when you get home, to opening a gate to even detecting someone pulling up in your driveway, this is the perfect device for you!
SU212 - Sure Action 212 Processor
The Sure Action Inc SU212 Directional Processor is designed to operate with the P8000 directional probe to activate different devices based on their location and traveling direction.
Sure Action - SU111 Processor
The Sure Action Inc SU111 processor is the perfect device for keeping tabs on all of your home security driveway detection pieces! With an operating voltage of 12V and Green LED alert light, you'll never be left in the dark again!
Sure Action SU313 Three Zone Processor
The Sure Action Inc SU313 Three Zone Processor is capable of connecting your driveway security system together along with adding some new features (like sensitivity and visible alert notifications) to keep you fully informed 24/7!
Sure Action Pulsor Sensor ENHP
The Sure Action Inc ENHP Pulsor is the perfect device for home automation, marine security and difficult residential security applications. Pulsors are invisible, extremely reliable, long-lasting and pet immune, so get yours today!
Sure Action Boat Alarm
10)  Sure Action Boat Alarm
Does your boat need protecting? If so, check out the Sure Action MarineGuard Systems with advanced deck detection to keep your boat or yacht safe when you're not around!
SUMG58C - Complete Kit including 4 Pulsor deck sensors
11)  SUMG58C - Complete Kit including 4 Pulsor Deck Sensors!
This Sure Action MarineGuard boat protection system is great for boats over 40 feet in length as it comes with four pulsor sensors to keep every inch of your deck under surveillance.