Temperature/Power Monitors & Autodialers

Absolute Automation carries popular alarm and dialer models such as Sensaphone and Freeze Alarm. We have temperature and power alarms to suit everyones needs. No matter what you want to monitor remotely (your cottage, farm, green house or home) - we have the perfect dialer and monitoring system for you.
Temperature sensors to protect and monitor your property. Monitor your home or cottage for temperature or power outages and extremes.

Alarm Dialers for use with any dry contact alarm sensors.

Winland EnviroAlert
Winland Enviro Alert monitors help monitor temperature, humidity and water leaks in your home or office environment.
Sensaphone Cottage Sitter Models FGD400 and FGD800 replace the existing Sensaphone Cottage Sitter Models 1104 and 1108. With built in temperature and power monitors these dialers are perfect for monitoring your home or vacation home while you are away.
Wireless Temperature Alert
Wireless Temperature Alert
Freeze Alarm offers three different models to suit your specific temperature monitoring needs. The Freeze Alarm Deluxe FAD2, Freeze Alarm Intermediate FAI and Freeze Alarm Basic FAB all monitor for freezing temperatures and have a built in dialer which will call you alerting you to a potentially damaging situation.
Temperature Guard
Temperature Guard temperature monitors and dialers monitor the temperature in a location and will call out if an alarm condition exists.
Basic Alarm Dialer
A standard voice and pager dialer. Capable of receiving multiple inputs. Great for use as a power failure alarm or other situations which require a monitor dialer.

Sensaphone Sensors and Monitors - The Largest Selection of Sensors on the WEB!

Dual Thermostats
Dual Thermostats for Temperature Dailers and Monitors.